Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's wrong?

I don't know if it's the weather (Mumbai has been nippy, especially around Mira Road) or some insecurity or nervousness - but I am eating non-stop. And I do mean non-stop. Like today. I ate some rice and vegetables stewed in coconut milk for lunch. Then I had a large cup of coffee with milk and sugar. (Bru Lite - the one that Priyanka Chopra endorses - is lovely. It's smooth, rich, fragrant and less acidic.) A few hours after that, I ate some chivda and chakli that Eva's aunt had made at home for Christmas. (I love those dark, fried raisins that come with the chivda.)

A while later, Eva made tea and we had a couple of slices of fruit bread. I got hungry a while later, so I roasted some makhanas in salt and a pat of butter (I don't know what they're called in English. Not sure if they are lotus seeds. They are white, puffy, and look like solidified tufts of cloud. In fact, when you roast a whole lot of them in a cauldron, it looks like some kind of catacysmic event, like disntegration of heaven.)

Eva then made par-boiled cauliflower for dinner which I ate with a little rice. My tummy started feeling empty an hour later, so I finished off  the rest of the fruit bread.

It was around twelve then and I was still working while Eva prepared to go to bed (the routine involves playing a few games of Mah-Jong on the computer). I got peckish again. So I took the remaining rice, cut a few strips of sliced cheese on it, finely chopped a green chilli, and mashed the whole thing up nice and good. That gave me a sense of satiety finally.

Now, I just gulped down a cup of cold milk with sugar again.

I have a feeling this food inhalation is because I'm uncertain about the future. Maybe I should just be grateful that I have a full larder that helps me get through the unknown.


Anonymous said...
They're considered excellent low-fat snacks with almost negligible calorie value. You can also use it instead of rice in Kheer.

Anonymous said...

It happens in winter. Your appetite goes up. Don't worry that you're worrying too much! :)

Sam said...

It is so wierd the way each of our bodies behave, I just stop eating when I am nervous.. :)
And I like makhanas too.. Btw, Happy New Year in advance.. :D