Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Scene - 2

This is from the movie, 'Walk the Line'. It's a story about the singer, Johny Cash.

In this particular scene, Johny is estranged from his family. He has left his wife and has become an alocoholic. He has a rocky relationship with another singer (Reese Witherspoon) but can't seem to get his life in order. Record labels that were earlier lining to sign him up start avoiding him. Johny has decided to get away from it all and has bought a house up in the mountains. It's a very beautiful place and he has invited his girlfriend to see it. When she visits him, she realizes that he is living a wasteful life he can't afford. He can't afford the house or the dogs and he definitely can't afford to be drinking that excessively. They have a fight and I think they break up.

She goes to her car and brings out a box of stuff that belong to him. She had meant to give it as a gift. But she more or less throws it at his face with a "Hell with you!" kind of goodbye.

Johny Cash watches her leave. The sun is setting and it's wintertime. That scene visually depicts hopelessness and gloom in a very dreamy way. Cash really wants to do something about his situation and wants to get his girl back but he looks like he doesn't stand a chance anymore. Then he goes through his box and this is where we come to my favorite moment.

He picks out a photograph of him performing at a concert in the past. At this point, there's a tight close-up of Cash's face. He looks lost. And then the camera moves to the photo he is holding. And we see a young, vibrant Cash singing into a mike. And there's an applause in the background. Cash is imagining his time on stage. This moment marks the moment when things actually took a turn for the better in the movie.

It's a very well composed scene. With just a few elements you get the sense that fame and the lure of applause is such a hook for an artist. He will change his life - not always maybe for love, but almost always for appreciation.

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