Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guess what just happened?

I woke up early, around 5 a.m. and wrote out a sample test article for a website. I had been delaying it for so long - what with the nausea, queasiness and old-fashioned procrastination. But I woke up, heard the rain falling steadily (always my song of hope and joy), sat at my computer and worked steadily.

It took a solid two hours to tackle that and I sent it off. What followed was an exquisite lightness, an airy sense of joy. What followed was also a gnawing hunger. My cook was awake by then so I asked for some tea and crisp toast with butter and mayonnaise. I munched on that watching the beautiful grey sky - luscious and juicy like the flesh of lychee - and its sweet pin-sharp drizzles of silver rain. Thick green leaves shook about and somewhere, in the rain, birds chirped noisily.

I am now sated with food and well-being. It's time to take a short nap before I get dressed and go to Andheri to meet my friends.

Good morning, world!


Vinita said...

And a hearty good morning to u frm my part of the world :)

Mukta said...

hey vinita! saw this a little late. top o' the morning to you too!

omnithere said...

reminded me of our pune place... ** sigh ** :)