Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie star morning

It's seven in the morning and I am on the terrace, getting ready to do yoga. The sky has a shy pink orange blush and there's a cool breeze. Beyond some juttings of building terraces, a slow sun rises. It doesn't so much rise as it gets pulled into public view. A round, hesitant ball of glow. It may not be shining in its full potential just yet, but you could definitely sense its power. Something about its demeanor suggested certain, reluctant valour.

On the ledge of my terrace, a pigeon looked at the sun. It was dull, grey, and fat. In a million years, through intense evolution, at its peak of vitality... this bird would never be that which the sun could relate to. Not even when the sun lost its strength and had to clear away from the sky.

Yet the pigeon, like me, looked on. Hoping for maybe a passing association with something spectaular.

I thought of a movie poster showing exactly this morning scene - a globe of yellow rising from behind buildings. And a soft, pudgy silhouette of the pigeon against it.

Haven't decided the plot yet. But the poster would have this tag line: 'An ordinary life. An impossible love.'

Now, if only someone paid me to write that story.

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