Sunday, April 18, 2010

What would it tell you?

If one somehow came to know that she had a very short time to live...maybe three months, at the most...and one still decided to live life the exact same way as before. Wake up on the same side of the bed and use the same mouthwash, and miss the office bus by exactly the same ten minutes and curse the fourth rickshaw-fellow. Smile the same way at kids, or still fold newspapers without reading them, still wait for the same phone-calls, still hang up on the same people.

What could one gauge about such a person?

1. That she loved her life so much that she didn't want to change it?
2. That she was so thick in denial that she didn't know she had to change something before she died?
3. That she was so far gone that death could not really alter the way she lived.

If option 3 is the only option that ends with a period instead of a question mark, is that a give away?

How different, then, is an answer from a judgment?


Jay Shanker said...

I can identify with this. My life feels like 'Groundhog Day'. But then, that is the lot of someone approaching middle-age. But I am past complaining :-)

White Magpie said...

Why waste time in petty thinking? Enjoy brushing your teeth like you do everyday.