Friday, April 16, 2010

Rising and shining

Today would be a tough day to get through. There is a lot, a wheezing, creaking lot of stuff to tackle. I really just wanted to sit on a couch, slurp Maggi the whole day, and wait for it to end.

But I had a sleepless night (yet again), and the sun rose. For lack of anything better to do, I went up to the terrace to do yoga.

As I unrolled my mat, I saw a dove hopping on a window ledge. It flew off a second later, and its wings seemed to be made of milky silk handkerchiefs, rolled gently around the edges, like serviettes.

Another terra cotta bowl in the corner had a shock of bright, vivid moneyplants pouring out of it, like green vines of smoke.

And further from my line of vision, unimpeached by distance, was a rose bud on a long, straight stalk. It was the only nib-point of red in the vista, and it was stunning.

The day has begun, and as expected, it is gruelling. But I'm still glad I woke up early to greet it.

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