Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Can I just say that the most stunning aspect of life...oh wait, I must capitalize that...'L.I.F.E.' is that it knows how to do a stunning volte-face. Yesterday, the morning started off slow and low. But by evening, it had picked up so spectacularly that I was sending out bursts of love and luck everywhere.

I'd lost two or three phones in the last week. All numbers gone. A friend who I was meeting up pretty regularly in the past somehow had gotten lost in the void.

But yesterday, he called. It was the most exhilarating rush ever! Seeing an unknown number blink on the mobile screen and attend to the call and suddenly, everything that one has ever lost carelessly comes tumbling back. Unbelievable!

We met up later and I don't think I've used the phrase 'I'm so so happy to see you now' with more conviction in the last two years! I think he was happy too, although he could've done without the tight squeeze that hurt his busted back some more.

But we ate at Bembos and walked at Carter Road and spent the last few hours of a dying day at Juhu beach. It was cold and we waded a bit in the water. The tide was high and we sat under a frosty, hazy sky, listening to roar of the ocean.

It was so beautiful and I was totally, completely drunk on joy!

Dear life (oops!, I mean dear 'L.I.F.E.'), thank you for that night of cold, wet wind and sand, and trippy, happy sea, and my friend who leapt up from some black hole of lost contacts. When my friend had gone off somewhere after giving me his jacket, and I was sitting looking the Worli Sea-Link blinking away at a distance...I have never felt colder in Mumbai before that day. Or more cocooned.

I sat and I thanked and I said to myself: 'LI.F.E., I'm so so happy to see you now.'

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The Bald Guy said...

You lost three phones a week?