Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not a good day

Sometimes a day begins and you know exactly how it's going to go. Downhill. Not even a spinning, great, downward rush - because that way, it's all over quickly. No. This is a slow, trundling descent.

I am feeling really fed up today. Really fed up. I do not like people. In fact, today I sorely want to snap every one's head off and spit it out into a giant crater in the ground. But that would fill up the crater and there wouldn't be any place left for me there. Where I will be landing any time soon.

I had a sort of a nice time this Valentine's Day. Went to a lounge/ club/ resto-bar whatever place to Kiwa or Kiva at Vashi. Also got told a few things about the men of the species and how the men of the species generally tend to look at someone like me. Do I agree? I don't think so. But then, really what do I know. I know little about men and I care even less of what they think. I am sure the feeling is mutual, and hence there is peace.

Today, I got an email from some old friends ideating about some rendezvous. I put in my two cents regarding the venue. Not that I'm going to make it or anything. Who knows? I might. I'm just so irritated. I know exactly how these plans work out. Endless flurry of emails. Venues to be decided, areas to be finalized. Someone won't want to come. Someone else, with all the mind spatialness of a paramecium won't want to get out of their home zones. Someone like me will WANT to make solid suggestions like to meet in Hard Rock Cafe or town (where, frankly, less geriatric-type crowd meet), but will settle for suggesting something else. In the end, it's all likely to get called off. Just as well, I think. In 40 years, all of us would most probably be dead. If we are not, we'll probably be attending each other's funerals. We could catch up then.

People at my workplace...why do they dress so drab? SO drab! It's like curtain draping. And not just any ole, sweet, funky kind of curtain-draping but curtains you'd find in the film version of a Dickensian novel. Bleak House, maybe. Some others wear the same four t-shirts round the month. Paired with the exact same skirts or trousers. And grown middle-aged men wearing Metallica t-shirts. Sheesh! That's like having mid-life crisis rubber-printed on black. And the French beard that's supposed to make up for the slack jaw.

This is when I miss working outside of Mumbai. People at least dress sharp. At least, they do this one thing that people are supposed to do before stepping out of the house...look into the mirror.

Anyway, I'm just grouchy today. Things will look up later perhaps. Of course, they will! To think, someone right now, might be shaving off his beard or someone else might be picking out a fifth t-shirt to wear with her skirt or my friends could ACTUALLY be considering meeting up in town!



The Bald Guy said...

*Is it ok to come out from behind the couch now?*

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

You make me guffaw with laughter even in your tantrum posts! :)

Anyway, what did those men say? And what do you think of them? I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

"In 40 years, all of us would most probably be dead. If we are not, we'll probably be attending each other's funerals. We could catch up then."

hahahahahaha .... loved it !!