Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simple things

I woke up with a bad mood. I had received a message from a friend that made me very angry. Usually, I get irritated. But this text got me inexplicably worked up. I had half a mind to call up and yell, but I was getting late for my yoga class. (Speaking of yoga, whatever my body may have accomplished in terms of flexibility, my mind has not in terms of anger management. I lose my cool just as often and just as badly.)

This was my first yoga class after my trip to Delhi. I was wondering if I'd even be able to touch my toes, after four days of only moving my hand to my face. But turns out, train journeys do keep the limbs limber. So, the class was pretty good. It softened my mood a little.

I came back home and sent an angry, but much more restrained message to the 'friend'. The day had begun on a bad note, though, and I was sure it was going to be one of those days - when the bitter aftertaste in the mouth will not go away. Even if you win a million dollars. Even if you get free movie tickets to a critically acclaimed film, even if the thudding in your heart shouts out, "Calm's not so bad."

Journey in bus happened. That was nice. Jammed my thumb to a table, such that my nail split and I got an angry, red swelling. That was not so nice. I met a blogger friend, who is really witty and funny and exceedingly rude and inappropriate. I have a feeling that its related - the humor and nastiness. Anyway, for an hour, I was treated to coffee and conversation that would make any libel-specialty lawyer euphoric. A very bright spot in my cave-gloom day thus far.

This season is horribly dehydrating. Later, I went to the canteen to see if there was anything to slake my thirst. I think the nature of thirst changes with the season. Like, if one got thirsty in summer or in the rains, cold water would suffice. But winters, you need something cool, zingy, and slightly sweet and tart. I asked for orange juice and someone else was getting kokum juice. I asked her how it was. My memory of that nice, refreshing drink has faded away. I don't travel by trains a whole lot now, and kokum juice was a station staple.

The girl was trying out the juice for the first time herself. I asked her to give me her opinion, so if my OJ turned out to be staid (which it did), I'd try out the drink another time. I took my juice, sat on one table, and went through Economic Times. I don't like that paper. Rather, I don't like the news therein. I mean, so many irritating opinions on whether the freaking economy is up or down or swinging side by side. If I were the economy, I would definitely not like all this stupid scrutiny. "Leave me alone", I'd say.

As I contemplated my imagined celebrity status, this girl who'd ordered kokum juice came to my table. She had poured out some of it in a paper-cup and had got it for me to taste it. I was touched beyond measure. That was a really sweet gesture!

The juice was really, really good. It was red (my favourite colour), cold, sweet and tangy. I had the biggest smile on my face after slurping up the last drop!

Maybe that's what the economy needs to recover. Not this 'will it? won't it?' circus flea-traipsing speculation. But someone to just hand it a nice, cool drink, smile and say, "Hope you'll like it."

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way.


greensatya said...

What is Kokum ?

Mukta said...

it's a sour fruit...usually its dried and used in fish curries, etc. Used a lot in Mangalorean and Maharashtrian cuisine.

greensatya said...

Thanks Mukta, now I know. Haven't been exposed to Maharashtrian or Mangalorean cuisine much.

Nice blog, I am a regular reader but not been commenting much.

good day !

Curry Pan said...

oooh. i adore you. just. love :D keep writing lady!