Saturday, December 19, 2009

Leaving Home

Feeling stuck,
Feeling blue,
Feeling not too much
Unlike you

Both of us
On this noisy street
Both of us
With no time to meet

There’s so much now
I have to say
But this razor buzz
Gets in the way

You don’t look up
And I can’t turn
Sometimes, I forget
Sometimes, you learn

What can we leave
And where do we go?
And what will we find
We don’t already know

This grey space,
These crimson velts
This great white void
Soft like ermine felt

We’ll find all this,
Also, cold purple air,
The void is home
When we’re not there.


Ramit said...

Wow! :)

If only I had a fraction of your rhyming sense :)

Vishvesh said...


Ramit said...

Interesting new picture.

Mukta said...

Thanks Ramit. It's a picture from my recent trip to Delhi. :-)