Monday, September 07, 2009

I recommend...I strongly recommend

If you can do one thing after a long, tiring, dull day at work - go watch 'Aage se right.'

It is super! Watch it especially for Kay Kay Menon and Vijay Maurya. Shreyas is good as usual. The title track is catchy, the story's funny, and don't miss the beginning - especially the animation when the credits roll. It is too cute! The movie though belongs to the two of them - Kay Kay, a terrorist who falls in love with a Bombay crooner, and Vijay Maurya, a Shetty gangster, who teaches him to call his lady love 'item' (out of respect, he explains solemnly)...they are brilliant!


It's been a long, long time I have laughed this hard in a Hindi film...for the right reasons, that is.

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