Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's better to have's so much better to have loved

A crazy outpouring of joy that just bursts upon everything – leaving it crazed and beautiful…the people, the stones, the plastic chappals floating away in water, a sea getting hammered with rhinestones, flustered crows seeking shelter in strong, green trees, wet, free-flying laundry, the blissful laughter of the hills, the spectacular and the ordinary way a child jumps into puddles and laughs... This is what some call rain. This is what some call love.

You feel it, and you are changed forever.


Anonymous said...

By this definition, almost anything can be called love..

Miss M said...

So very beautifully put! :)

Mukta said...

@ anon - almost anything is.

@Miss M - thank you!

Jay Shanker said...

Love is the most potent emotion of them all and I don't think any other 'experience' comes even close. It energizes and envelopes you so completely that you are on a constant 'high'. I could swear that the sky looks bluer and the grass greener when you are in love. Nothing, nothing at all upsets you and you just want to sing - even if you can't hit a note if your life depended on it.