Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simpler movies

I want to watch a movie. My cousin is staying with me now and I thought we’d go for a film this evening.

Now, the thing is, I want to watch a regular movie…you know, the ones with a story, actors, actresses, a s-t-o-r-y. It needn’t be an ambitious story. It needn’t be about the world being taken over by monsters or mutants being tampered with or evil being sucked into the stratosphere. Boy meeting girl, girl misunderstanding boy, both getting together at the end – that’s good enough.

I’ve had it with the Wolverines, Transformers, and Terminator Salvations of the world. (What a name – terminator SALVATIONS!) I suffered through Wolverine. And in office, I suffer through all these conversations about other films where people go… "Did you see how…!”, “I know…it just flew out of…!”, “And the way his car just turned, man!"...and “ I KNOW!!”

Well, I don’t know. In Wolverine, it’s not enough that the fellow is a mutant. He has to have metal injected in him. And then he has to be naked. And then he has to jump in a waterfall. And then he has to be in love with some other freak of nature who can persuade with touch. And they have to be working for the US government! I mean…come on!

Now, it’s come to a point where it’s a comedown if a film has actors that simply, oh I don’t know, act. Conversation in pantry:

Me: I want to see ‘The Proposal’.

Colleague: Who’s there in it?

Me: Sandra Bullock

Colleague: What does she do?

Me: Uh…she’s some sort a rigid corporate boss or something and she might get deported to Canada, so she…

Colleague: Yeah, yeah…but is she like from outer space? What does she do?

Me (confused): No…I mean, she’s from Canada…

Colleague: Arrey…but doesn’t she…you know, fly or anything?

Me: FLY?! Why would she fly?!

Colleague: Oh...nobody flies?

Me: Why should ANYBODY fly?

Colleague: So they’re all…like…on earth? (mulls over the crippling improbability of such a plot) And then what happens?

Me: Well, I think she falls in love with someone in her office.

Colleague: Who does she fall in love with?

Me: I haven’t seen the film…but I think it’s some guy in her office.

Colleague: Who’s he?

Me: Ryan Reynolds

Colleague: No…I mean, who is he? Like he’s a mutant?

Me: Nope. He’s just another guy.

Colleague (very disappointed): Oh…I want to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Now, see, since when is being a regular human inadequate? It’s not enough to look good and emote? It’s tacky to belong to a normal blood group?

Well, I’d like to see someone who’s not a Ninja, a mutant, a wolverine (who, by the way, is a very stupid character), a half-blood, a satan off-spring, an off-spring of the Gods, a swirling mass of energy, a machine, a robot (who, apparently, is different from machines), a demon, a hero, a hero in the making, a devil in the shadows…

Just bring on the regular mammals, I say!


Nikita said...

I think you will like 'The proposal'. Its a normal movie. But also a bit like a hindi movie.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a regular movie like I do. You will like The Proposal.

Bang on about how these weirdos work for the US govt. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree with you. I am just sick and tired of all these movies with mutants, flying objects, and slimy things all over the place.

I love to see regular human beings like myself :-)

Anonymous said...

The Proposal was a cool movie. Really had some good laughs watching that movie. Sandra Bullock was hilarious :)

omnithere said...

i love wolverine .. :-/ i can marry and spend my life with him. and they are not robots .. they are AUTO-bots .. hmfgh!!!

swati said...

Your account of a good film just reminds of the good old days of the Amol Palekar movies of the very common man. The movies with simple man with simpler actions but great lovely stories or the Terminal of Tom Hanks. Such a lovely movies it is. With all the ingredients told by you. Nothing supernormal involved, a common man with uncommon predicaments and his battling over the situations. A lovely movie. The movies used to be the real face of society but may be in the Guru Dutt age or so. Now I just can’t think that how can a common man be anywhere relating to the super powers, muscles or resources of the movie heroes. Although I think the movies should not be very much related to realism as they are a refuge to the realistic scorn of life but still I can’t resist to miss the Cute attempt of the Choti Si Baat.

DewdropDream said...

I liked Wolverine :D Doesn't mean I like all sci-fi movies though.

They're turning Percy Jackson into a movie apparently ... would you watch that?

Anonymous said...

The Proposal is funny in parts but nothing great, its a normal movie.....

watch The Hangover instead......


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Well said! I agree. Totally.