Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love you too

It’s grey and misty
And windy and loud
It’s the tempestuous embrace
of an exuberant cloud

It’s a canvas of sturdy, wet trees and lanes
It’s a showcase of at least
ten types of rains
They slant and they slash and frizz around in swirls
Some even patter and form laces in a crystallized world

I’m drenched and I’m happy
And I’m ready for more
I’m on my way to the beach
To hear the sea roar

This is more than a season,
It’s much larger than weather
It’s the liberation of a force
That’s broken through its tether

It’s a heart that is wild
And a heart that is free
It’s a heart that has yielded
And captivated me


omnithere said...

awesome ... i can actually "feel" the words .. :)

vishvesh said...


I heard it is raining hard in Mumbai. Now, I am convinced!! :-)

swati said...

Such a joy it is
To feel what u feel
When winds are free
To zoom and to reel
When drops are abound
And they fall on the lips
When drops are a beauty on long lasting trips
They come and they stay
They quench and are gay
They are proud and are swift
They are sturdy and are gift
How wondrous it sounds
How cool aloft
When drops are falling
Hard and soft
For a heat struck north Indian your words really arouse the want of the much needed drops highly alluring but still evading us

Anonymous said...

Swati, have you made it your vocation to match the author's style in every post?