Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My selfish heart has spoken

My share of twilights
My share of rain
My share of a lost season
To take for granted again

My piece of a mountain
My strip of a beach
My clutch of icy stars
All within reach

My stretch of a nomadic sky
My cupped palm of streams
My tapestry of urgent hopes
And unclenched, innocent dreams

My shards of sunbeams
And my forests of nights
My fervent leaps
Into unembellished heights

With this montage of wanton scraps
I build my world anew
It may be a little rip from the Universe
But I share it all with you


omnithere said...

beautiful words .. and very touching. thanks .. for sharing .. :)

Mumbai Diva said...


swati said...

As a child I always thought
That I was god
I wondered
One day
The whole eternity would rise
To salute
And acknowledge
I wished for the wishes
And then granted
As I thought
I was god
But then
One day
I grew up
The string with the universe
From god I became a man
Once I owned everything
And now I hold nothing
‘Cause I compare
And differentiate
The sunlight I wondered I was giving to all
Seemed to have gone out of control
The water never rained from my wish
And it pleased me least
Now I wonder
How I was
And it was so good
To be god
To be one with all that I was in
And today to be one from all
That is.
How wonderful the bounty
given to us all
Till we just don’t start
Considering it apart.