Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I mean...really!

If you are gonna be mediocre, you may as well be polite!


Yes, I am getting pissed off at two individuals now. But on a happier note, I am just snowed under the realization that I'm so witty! And pithy! And can make a lot of money thinking up of slogans or ideating for presentations. (Not doing them, just conceptualizing presentations. High, lofty, brilliant ideating is what I want to do.)

In any case, a couple of colleagues are from out of town. They were complaining about Mumbai stuff - food, traffic, people (big surprise!). They come from a city with gardens and similar blotches on urban development, apparently. You know, where people have balconies and empty lots where nothing is coming up, nothing is going to come up, nothing is going to be illegally taken over...what a waste, but whatever.

One of them goes, "... and you know, wherever you go, you get that sickening feeling of sweat...It's not like that in my place."

And I say, "A city that works is a city that sweats."

I mean, WOW! Great statement, huh! Really! What a knockout! I have spent the better part of today being so solidly impressed with myself that I can't look at myself in the mirror without glowing with pride. Maybe someone could buy that slogan from me and pay me lots of money? Also, buy me a house on the top-most floor of a high-rise - where I am at eye-level with clouds. And where I have a pool in EVERY room! Each and every room!

And I can do that with other cities too. Hmm...for example, take Delhi. First of all, I would change the name to Del-high. Get it? Delhi is in the North...it's high up there, so Del-high! And Pune...umm...that would be 'Pun-E = Pun for Everyone'. 'coz Pune IS quite tongue-in-cheek.

Well, suffice to say, I AM good!

But now that I have put my best ideas out there for free, no-one's going to pay me anything. Hmm, there's no point in being good if you're stupid!

Just like that my pool ran dry!


rukmini said...

U REALLY are GOOD! And when you know that, you also need to know that you don't need any one to acknowledge your worth.

Have been following your blog from the past 1.5 yrs (lurking in the dark is more like it)and have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every piece. Keep writing, because that's how you give us something to look forward to.:)...i mean...really!

Blue Athena said...

Hahahaha... Girl, you girl. :)

Satandit said...

~I love the Del-hi, and Pun-E bit. Though, you gotta agree...Mumbai needs help.

But, keep the slogans coming girlfriend, it gives a oad of us smiles when we start or finish off our crazed days.

Btw, where exactly is that shop in Andheri where you went to buy those awesome things at those awesome prices ?

Mukta said...

huh! I thought mumbai was the best one!

oh, that place is in Lokhandwala - its called Choosies. Near a L'Oreal salon....yep, go there. they have some good stuff, but do scout around. They keep a whole lotta old stuff too. Happy shopping!

zainab said...

lovely slogan! If I was rich I would have bought it from you and I would use it to encourage the people of some certain city to work hard and make their own city a better place to live in :)

keep writing because it's so giving :)

omnithere said...


DewdropDream said...

"A city that works is a city that sweat" ... Neat-o!