Monday, April 06, 2009

A very nice coupla days

It was a good, satisfying birthday. Went to Hard Rock with Anumita and some friends, and on the way discovered how beautiful the flyovers in Parel look at night. Also, I think I just might remember the way to that place next time round. We also almost got clicked for some website, or something. But we decided to guard our celebrity status and said stuff like, “No, not this time.”,Umm, we’re not very sure,” etc. etc.

I really like Hard Rock. The people there are so friendly and say the sweetest things, even when they make out you’re lying. I didn’t have reservations and I was meeting my friends there directly. I was the first to reach. It was reasonably early, around 8, but all the tables were taken. And it didn’t look like any of them were going to be vacated any time soon, considering they were heaving under platters of nachos, onion rings, and garanguatan pitchers of beer. I had just driven through horrible traffic and really, really wanted to sit. So, I went and committed the shameful act of lying through my teeth. One of the maitre d’ type person looked friendly and gullible enough. I told him that I couldn’t stand for very long because I had a ‘medical condition’. I also nodded sadly for good measure. He was all polite and brisk and told me ‘not to worry’ and ‘just a minute’ and ‘I’ll get back in a jiffy’. I waited, expecting him to go and clear a table for us to go and wait. What he did instead, was to get a chair and place it near the bar. Sheesh! I gingerly stepped on to the chair and he looked very concerned and asked me, “If you don’t mind, ma’am, what sort of medical condition is it?”

Now I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I sheepishly replied, “Oh, I’m lazy.” This was embarrassing! But thankfully, he laughed and said, “I suppose with that smile, you could get away with anything.” So sweet!

Aside from charming banter, though, HRC one of the few places in Bombay that has space and air that is not foggy with smoke (vehicular or otherwise). Also, it doesn’t hurt to see men dance and children smear their faces with ketchup. And of course, I like the food there. Most of the stuff I consume in pubs is some variation of fried potatoes, and these guys do it well.

After that, all of us went to the Versova Barista where I cut a cake and it was so much fun! A part of me is always thrilled to go to Versova. It was nearly 2 a.m., I think, but I was still very gung-ho about doing some celeb spotting. Anumita, very regally, pointed out a few people here and there, and then gave me some background about each of them. Sea, music, coffee, cake, friends, and celebrity gossip. It was a lovely, lovely night!

The next day, I met my parents, cousins, and some other friends at Mainland China in Powai. It’s a reasonably good place, but I think Mainland China is losing its touch. {My favourite Chinese place in Bombay still remains Ling’s Pavilion (sigh! those crab cakes!). Silk Route is a very close second. Both these are, of course, in Colaba. In the ‘burbs, it would have to be Golden Orchid in Bandra.} After lunch, I got my cousin to drive us to Bandra (he’s living there, in the cutest little shaded lane near Hill Road. He’d got me a very cubby-looking pouch of home-made cookies. I think that’s a really nice gift!)

After dropping him off, my friend and I went to Bandstand and sat on the rocks. The sun was just setting and the water positively dazzled in the golden light. There was a strong breeze - a much blessed respite from the heat and humidity. People walked about happily, and if one paid very close attention, one could hear music.

I think it came from the sea.


Mumbai Diva said...


It sounds like you had a happy time, which is always what one wants from such occasions.

omnithere said...

i envy you .. for every tiny fraction of a moment of it .. :-)

Mukta said...

hey Mumbai,

Thanks. Yes, it was very nice and comforting.

Hi omni,

Come...we'll go and sit by the sea and listen to music.

The Idle Devil said...

It's a happy ending to a wonderful evening: sitting at the Bandstand listening to the songs of the sea :)

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

How honest you must be. You couldn't think of a medical condition to mention in that short time? :) Arthritis would do just fine. LOL@"I'm lazy" That is just hilarious!

shub said...

Lovely :)
Happy birthday, Mukta :)

Mukta said...

thanks shub!