Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Helloooo April!

I had the best morning! Woke up at 5:30, had a banana, and after what seems like an eternity, went running. Sometimes I wonder why I stopped getting out of the house at sunrise. I love going out to run. Although I have a long way to go to build up stamina, it’s great to move through the fresh coolness of the morning. As I walked to the promenade, I saw a couple of trees – laburnums and something else with little red flowers that looked like pouted lips. Near the promenade, there was a huge bush bursting with hundreds of white, crisp paper-flowers. It all looked so lovely! And in the mornings, one just feels that the world has spruced itself up only for you.

The skies were getting clearer slowly, and the pond near the promenade was swirling with all these secret shades purple, blue and gold. From one part of the promenade, the water looked like shifting sheaths of rich silk.

The herons were there too. Elegant, soft and pristine white. And when they flew about, their wings flapped with liquid grace.

Then I saw something so beautiful that it could very well have been a conscious-altering reality. A flock of black birds swooped down into the pond and then glided across the water. They looked like winged figure-skaters skating on a glassy surface of pink ice. It was so surreal. In fact, at the time, it seemed as if every thing else was stupefied, except for the little bizarre drama that was playing out in the water.

I came home and had a really cold shower, which is possibly the best corporeal sensation I think of. And then I had a really nice, big breakfast of rice and daal followed by hot tea.

I am full of such a brilliant sense of well-being, it’s amazing! I think I’ve had my share of long nights spent talking, reading, chatting, partying, driving…or whatever else I used to do to while away nocturnal lethargy. I mean, I do enjoy the nights. But I think I’ve done that substantially and wholeheartedly enough. But staying up late usually means missing the sunrise. It means slumbering under a blanket when outside, a million little miracles unfold at every corner. They are too precious to ignore.

It’s my birthday month, and if I can give myself a present for a lifetime, it’s this – the gift of greeting the sun in the open, every single day.

You are born on one day, you awaken on another.


Mumbai Diva said...

Ok, tag for you on my blog....

Anonymous said...

take that same pinch for birthday month :)

Lonely sky over the sea..... said...

hey I am feeling the freshness of your morning, though its pretty late in the evening & owls wud be talking on tree branches by now.... very well described the beauty of a morning jog....

omnithere said...

i so completely agree with you ... i love sunrises .. :)

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Happy Birthday! (posted on 2nd)

The Idle Devil said...

Happy birthday in advance! Will be there to wish you on the day itself which is...tomorrow!! :)

Monty's Python said...

Happy birthday in advance. You awoke on April Fool's day to a banana.

Who can beat that for a birthday gift, then? I withdraw. ;)

coolantz said...

Hey there!
Happy Birthday.
Here's hoping that you:
discover new avenues,
kick off some of your blues.
start new trends,
make some more friends.
go to greater lengths,
realize your true strength.
(and last but not the least :))
cruise around, in your car,
pesky pedestrians ... they stay afar.

Aries said...

Happy Birthday! That's a good resolution to take - to wake up and greet the sun every morning. There is absolutely nothing like waking up before dawn, practicing/hearing some music and then hitting the park at the crack of dawn. I did that for 3 beautiful years in college.

Serendipity said...

Happy Birthday to you Mukta :).Here's wishing you that all the days in this year be like the day you just described :)
Appy Appy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wish you a very happy birthday!!!

The Idle Devil said...

Happy birthdaaayyyy! :) Have a wonderful day.

Mukta said...

Hi all!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!