Monday, March 02, 2009

Not proud of myself

This was a random group of people I had known at some point in life. I happened to run into them at a mall. Three of them sat with me on one of those benches that dot long marble aisles in Inorbit. One of them went into a shop to ask about the price of a shirt.

Now, this girl who went into the shop used to be quite heavy a few months ago. She had, since, joined some Kaya weight-loss program and had become all trim and svelte. In fact, even more commendable was that she had kept the weight off all these months.

Now, one person in the remaining group (all girls, all plump) remarked how ditzy she had become. How she was so into her looks, and how she couldn’t carry on an intelligent conversation, etc. etc. Another one piped up to state how much she wanted to land a man, and how she just kept starving herself.

This made me quite angry. I looked pointedly at their love-handles and remarked that if all the smartness in the world couldn't stop one from stuffing her face, then really what use is it?

The moment I said it, I knew I had crossed a line. It was very uncouth of me to have said that. Of course, at that time I was very miffed and I just wanted to shut them up. But, it didn’t feel good having the last word after all.


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...


Satandit said...
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Satandit said...

~Good intention wrong words huh ??~~

The Idle Devil said...

Hi, dont be too hard on yourself. They had it coming. Maybe it wasnt sugar-coated but at least the message will stick. And you'll have to endure less comments of those nature if at all.

Joe said...

If you can't fit into the cap, you're probably fat anyway.

If you the cap does fit though, wear it.

Ergo, calling fat people fat is no worse than calling a blind man blind.