Sunday, March 01, 2009

A little courtesy, people...

Last week, due to certain reasons I had to call the emergency number '100'. First time round, no-one picked up the phone. Second time, there was some kind of an automated message that rattled off something in Marathi. I couldn't understand it. After that, I tried the '103' number that is supposed to be a helpline dedicated to women. It didn't work. After this call, my phone went dead and I handled the situation satisfactorily on own.

This Friday, I mentioned this to some of my colleagues. A couple of them laughed it off and joked around as to why I was calling up emergency numbers. For a brief moment, I remembered the dark alley in which I had tried making the calls. It was a very different world from this bright pantry where these colleagues were laughing. I told them I had a problem. They didn't ask me what it was. They, confidently, rattled off suggestions about whose numbers I should take, etc.

But I found the whole thing pathetically callous.


Satandit said...

~Hey girl !! Hope you'r doing okay after whatever it is that happenend, and you needed to call the mergency numbers. One suggestion -- send this information as a 'Citizen Journalist' to IBN or sure they'll make the MH police change their ways. Am sorry you needed to call those numbers, and you didnt get the support you needed. And, may I add - those friends/colleques of your are jerks !! ~~

Mukta said...

hi satandit,

thanks. that's a good tip. i'll do that. and as for my re...they are good people who chose to make a stupid remark. I suppose we all do it some time. :-(

Anonymous said...

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kama said...

Oh gosh!
All I can say is "Ouch!!" and really wonder where we are all going...