Wednesday, February 04, 2009


If anyone from Delhi will be visiting Mumbai soon, and will be staying over the weekend - could you please get me a copy of the 'First City' magazine? Will pay for it, of course. Thank you!

And for the people of Delhi, do read it if you haven't. It's a really well-written, intelligent magazine. When they interview writers or artists, they actually ask about their craft and metier and stuff like that. Not simply, what's their favorite food, colour, or holiday spot.

So, yes, it is published work that is not tinted with the contemporary virtue of dumbing things down...but you will love it despite that.


The Idle Devil said...

Arent there any online or out of Delhi subscriptions for this magazine?

DewdropDream said...

Now I've got to get my hands on this somehow. Thanks!

suparna said...

not quite the magazine, but the writers here -

neha said...

Thanks Suparna,

now that was a good place to send us!

Lonely sky over the sea..... said...

well would it do if you get it next week.... :-p

Mukta said...

Hi Idle - i don't know. i'll try to find out.

hi dew drop, yes you must. lemme know if you like it.

Hi suparna - thanks a HEAP for that link.

neha - :-)

lonely - thanks! but a colleague of mine just returned from a trip to delhi, so she got me the feb issue.