Friday, February 06, 2009

Father of the lost soul

It was my parents’ anniversary the day before. We had gone out to Pot Pourri in Vashi for dinner. It was really nice! I like Pot Pourri, but I was sceptical about how it would be in Vashi. Well, as it turns out, the service there definitely beats the kind you get in Bandra. People are so warm! They wait patiently until you have made up your mind. And they also make intelligent recommendations saying things like, “If you like cheese and capsicum, you should try this.” (It’s a different sort of treatment from, say, pointing a pencil at a dish and looking bored until the imbecile decides to order it or not.)

Amongst us, we had some Mandarin mojitos, guava frappes, a lasagne, thai curry and rice, and a chicken stroganoff. I really like their mocktails – especially their mojitos. I am generally partial to drinks that have chunks of citrus or other fruits in them – like sangria and the like. In fact, at the Library bar, I’d once had a drink with cubes of sweet lime and pineapples treated with brown sugar, rock salt, and some pepper. It was amazing!

Although all of these were tasty, the unexpected winner was a side dish – something called Grandma’s mashed potato with Creole spices. Now, it’s just potato and how wrong could one go with it? But the dish was quite a testimony to what could happen if you got it right. Exceptionally right. The potato was creamy and very well-flavored. The salt and spices were spread evenly and that crust of cheese on top was just right! That’s how cheese should be used in a dish – for taste, not conquest.

As we were eating, my father started on this topic I am getting a little weary of now. How I’m pushing myself and not really adding value to my life. Firstly, I don’t think I am pushing myself. Secondly, yes, I suppose I could be doing things to become a stellar personality who will later feature in children’s textbooks, but it’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s good.

But once my dad gets started on this, there is very little one can do to stop him.

Father: You should take a couple of months off.

Me: For what?

Father: Go travel, do whatever you want.

Me: I am doing whatever I want. I like my job, I like my car, I like my friends.

Father: You don’t have any friends anymore. It’s been just job and home for you since the last few months.

Me: And I like that. Friends are over-rated anyway.

Mom: I know! You should buy a house. There’s a property exhibition in Bandra. Go, buy a house.

My father looked a little alarmed at the women he was having dinner with. Quite an unsociable duo.

Father: Yes, house is…but you need time for yourself. Just take some time off and go for a holiday. You need this time…

Me: For what!

Father (very solemnly):
To find yourself.

Me (I can’t believe what I’ve just heard): I have found myself. This is it!

Father (genuinely surprised): Really? Maybe you should search a little more…

My parents spoil me so.


The Idle Devil said...

That dinner sounds fab! I have to try it now...btw, where is the Library Bar? Very interesting name. Parents...well, what can one say? :) Wish I could afford to move to Bandra...nothing like getting out on the bandstand whenever you feel like it.

Mukta said...

Hi Idle, Library Bar used to be the bar in the President hotel, but I think it's changed to Wink now. I haven't been to the new opened one...can't afford it anymore.

About Bandra, I know!

DewdropDream said...

Sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

I think your dad was right ...(parents are almost right !! )

and you are a lucky girl :)
well no I am "J"

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

LOL@your transition from i like my friends to friends are over-rated anyway! and ROFL@mom

What is it you do for a living?

Star People said...

Liked your post :) Love the friends are over-rated bit! I don't agree, but it sounds cute

Pratik said...

You're lucky to have a father who says you should find yourself, even you've already found yourself.

Ashish Shakya said...

Have heard good things about Pot Pourri. It's good to know there's one in Vashi now.

Anonymous said...

i second aunty. buy a house in bandra or colaba.