Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dreaming on

I close my eyes and I can see
Mountain skies calling out to me
Clouds that dance
Like angel wings
Brooks that warble
and flowers that sing

I see mountain slopes with gigantic trees
And sparkling sun and chattering breeze
This perfect day with perfect air
One does not know – it comes from where

And beyond the highest peak
and exalted sky
a bird sweeps and dives
and soars so high

Ripples in a blue-green pond
Farms here, there, and then beyond
the heart sees it all and starts hoping
for this world with eyes unopened


Aries said...

Interesting photo. I thought all the peaks around McLeodganj would be snow capped if not altogether enveloped in snow at this time. Is this some on-the-way kind of picture during the drive?

omnithere said...

:) ** sigh **

Mukta said...

Hi Aries, nope...this is the view from our room. Our guide told us that it will snow around the second week of January. so around jan, feb is when we'll see the snow-capped mountains.