Thursday, November 13, 2008


This post is about an unexpectedly delicious combination I came across today. But first about my tooth - not because it's related, but because it makes me look like a martyr and I love that role. A couple of days ago it (the tooth, that is, not the role) was killing me - and I don't mean figuratively. I think there's some nerve that connects a tooth to the 'sanity' portion of the big noodle. And this nerve, in my case, had gone berserk. But yesterday, when I just couldn't see or even breathe anymore, I went to the dentist and I am much, much better.

My tooth is still tender and I can't really chew on anything very hard. So I ordered a butter sada dosa in my canteen. Our canteen guy makes few things really well (the others I think are being used for the Mumbai Metro work) and dosas is one of them. And because he was out of nariyal chutney, he gave me some sweet curd - the kind that is served with sabudana khichdi. Together, they were excellent!

My tooth and I are happy!

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Anonymous said...

My dentist recommended ice-cream after my root canal treatment. Any flavour as long as it didn't have dry fruits or nuts.

So I called home and told folks to stock up! :-D