Friday, October 03, 2008

Last night at the party...

Last night at the party
they asked me how I’d die
with a moan, they asked me,
or perhaps with a sigh?
Would there be a tear or two
rolling down the eyes
Would my heart be choking
With regret over lies

Would there be sorrow
over all those things unsaid
Or would it be trifle surprising
to finally find oneself dead?
Could I finally explain
to the stubborn naïve, heart
that it’s a set-up for teary noons
this promise - ‘until death do us part’?

I didn’t realize there was so much stuff
to sift through and to know
before finally winding up business
and getting all set to go
But I think I’d simply take the hands of life
and look her in the eye
and with my mind and heart in attendance
simply say ‘thank you and goodbye’
P.S. - These slippers are Anumita's slippers; this sand is Phuket sand.


omnithere said...

beautiful ...

bravo .. bravo ..

kama said...

you probably don't know me. i realised now that it's been 3 months or so that i coincidentally fell on your blog, and that i actually subscribed to it and that i read it with some sort of regular religiosity.
thought i'd leave a comment for once and say thanks for writing the way you write, and above all, for sharing it with other people.

earth said...

lovely... and very poetic poetry..

the way u'v captured the thought and the sentiment is truly beatiful..

Mukta said...

hi all...

thank you!

swati said...

Its so beautifully said that i fear that adding anything to it might temper the beauty of the feelings. I really wonder that what am I looking at, beauty in death or death in more beautiful expressions. Leaves me pondering over the futility of the whole process of it. But its such an overwhelming idea that it captures the mind and denies leaving it. What I’m really thinking is could we really think of it while on the last breath. I wish we all could get the boon of the Bheeshma in the Mahabharata to decide all that on that final bed where the bed sheet won’t matter whether its of velvet or the spears. When there’d be no surprises hidden in it but then I wonder won’t it really spoil the whole adventure of the journey. Anyway, again kudos for the bright thinking.