Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Momentous Things

Momentous things will happen
Those grey clouds seemed to say
Between chunks of imbued lightning
And timbres of sombre grey

Momentous things will happen
Across the wet, green land
Momentous things will happen
With a book in my two hands

p.s. – Started reading this book at Anumita’s place: love and longing in Bombay. Just started…but oh! what a book! If there’s a book to be read in this wet, wet season, it is definitely this. Interestingly, the author’s (Vikram Chandra) earlier work was titled ‘Red Earth and Pouring Rain’. He seems to be some sort of a eulogist for the gifts of the clouds.


omnithere said...

hmm... i wonder if it's available online, for some free reading.

bluespriite said...

Try Sacred Games after this.. it takes from one story from love and longing.

Ajeya said...

aren't the rains just super

omnithere said...

yes, they most certainly are. :)

letters2d said...

L and L in Bombay is a good read, if you are a Bombay fan. I borrowed it from the local library and ended up buying it later. I think short stories are a good medium, you can read the book in parts, over time and when you want to re-read, you don't have to do the whole book. I liked Kama, but found Sacred Games a bit of a disappointment.