Monday, May 26, 2008

thank you and goodbye!

it’s been a few nights of frenzy
and chaos to the core
it feels new and crazed and beyond reason
and it’s felt this way before

it’s been a few nights with no sleep
with dreams scabbing in the fore
clumps of Orion stories
stale grubby crusted lore

in the dead of night
on the crest of light
poetry tip-toes to the door
sends a kiss and darts right out
and it’s been that way before

so now the doors are bolted
and latched and sealed within
around sometime when the moon sets
i hear the doorbell ring.

poetry stands with a jug of tears
at having upped the score
you lose a muse, you win a ruse
and it somehow matters no more

no more the orion stories
no more streams of lore
no more memories or moments
to use, misuse and explore

there will be everlasting newness
splices difficult to ignore
that will never jade or fade away
or solder to a classic ‘before’


Nonentity said...

have no words .. :)

Anonymous said...

ur blogs are very fresh. Whenever i've had a bad day, they lift my mood. You shud work on writing a book maybe... don't know if u already are working on it....

i hardly get time to blog, have an id at blogspot too or is it google/blogger (bit of a novice) , but don't remember teh pwd. just keep popping up to catch up sometimes.

Mukta said...

Hi non... :-)

Hi anonymous

Thank you...Well yes...there will be the book, but before that I need to find a story. The search is on...