Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the phone, over the top

I was talking to my aunt on the phone who was updating me about my uncle’s health. (He’s recently been admitted to the hospital for a heart condition.) In the background, my bratty nephew is apparently trying to tie a ribbon around the receiver. My aunt who hasn’t had enough rest since the last few days tries to ward him off like a fly. “Shoo! Not now..I’m talking…come later…”, I hear her telling that two-feet volcano.

And I hear a lispy, baby voice retort, “Why? Who is more important than me?”

Oh well…..


Anand said...

Children can be so truthful--r'ber the young one at a party who asks his embarrassed father pointing to a guest--is this the chap who drinks like a fish ?

Hiranandani is full of too many kids and not enough doggies !!

sanguine said...


it is me - longtime reader , first time comment-er

Mukta said...

hey anand...yes! true!

Hi sanguine!

Hmm...why didn't you comment before? Never you are! :-D

bluespriite said...

You've been tagged..