Friday, February 01, 2008

First Feb, Feast, Fast

Last night, I reached home around midnight. There was a client call and I had supped on a bowl of dahi wada around 8:15 in the evening. The wadas were really tasty. Even the curd was nice and sweet and creamy, flavored with roasted jeera and chilly powder. But the wadas were so light that I was hungry within a half-hour.

Anyway, I spent the better part of the conference call being as far away from the speaker phone as possible. Shouldn’t scare away clients with rumbling. Slim chances that they’ll think the rumble’s originating from the stomach. Maybe they’ll mistake it as a sign of impending mutiny. Never a good thing.

Anyway, as soon as I reached home, I broke down on a plate of yummy besan curry, a bowl of steamed vegetables and some daal. Glutted like crazy. And I slept like a turtle on a cushion.

This morning, I was just swathed with lethargy. So I decided to go easy on lunch. I took a plate of fruits, a demitasse of curd, and had a fistful of some corn rice. The rice was not really part of the planned menu – I just helped a colleague finish up her lunch. After lunch, strolled to a thela outside office to get a cup of strong, watery, tasty chai.

It was a perfect meal.

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J said...

yes. lets start living together. let's both close our eyes and let our hearts whisper this wish out to the universe and see where and how it ends. :)