Thursday, January 31, 2008

Having a good day

It’s a great day today! Feels like thunder!

Practically glided through Mankhurd and had a pretty neat plate of medhu vada and sambhar for breakfast.

Then I met a friend online who is the father of a very sweet two-year old. (Or “27 months”as he pointed out.)

He told me that he loves spending time with her. Sometimes he puts her on his back and does push-ups. Some other times, she starts jumping on his tummy when she feels Papa needs to do crunches.

Saturday nights, though, father and 27-month old daughter go for movies by themselves.

It’s the last thought that makes me feel so warm.


Madhuri Shinde said...

Last line, though simple, made me feel the warmth:)

J said...

yep. i m feeling an unexplained cheer too of late. i hope destiny's not "fattening-me-up" to butcher me up soon. mmm ... i loooove medu vada. :)