Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vividement, ma cher

I just had this bizarre vision in my head a few minutes ago while I was in the cafeteria.

I saw myself unleashing a little frog to roll atop a striped ball. Then I got myself a huge butter dish that had a block of frozen, mild-yellow butter. I proceeded to slice up a thick slice of butter into sharp, perfect squares on a lilac china plate. After I’d made a little heap of such squares (that look like scrabble squares in a prettier shade of yellow), I took up a miniature glass and silver pestle. The pestle had a lovely inscription in Baroque-style calligraphy running around its girth. I put in a clump of sea-salt, thyme, and pepper and ground it all coarsely. Finally, I sprinkle this over the butter slivers and relished it all, picking up each one with my pair of golden chopsticks. I could even taste the flavored melted grease sliding down my throat.

Meanwhile, the little frog has leaped up to a lily pad made of hosiery and netted velvet.

All this felt so real for about three minutes. Really, the things that go on inside my head when all I’m doing is sipping coffee!


bluespriite said...

Its almost like u have a separate life happening inside your head.. :0

Anonymous said...

you going nuts!