Wednesday, June 13, 2007

These come in a bunch

Last few days have been scrumptious, even through the smothering heat. Tranquil jogs around the park at night. Cleansing tantrums and sobs through the afternoon. Yummy ice-cream squares and foot massages later. Gulps of paper back reads. Bad movies in perfectly chilled cinema halls - an experience that is all the more delightful when you are clad in breathing cotton shorts and singlet. An after-dinner outing with friends to India Gate - just soaking in a revelry that can only be described as summer madness. Lying down amidst scampering kids and looking up at stars that resemble distant surfers riding black waves. Making plans and weaving dreams during a lazy drive to Jor Bagh market. An indulgent head massage with fingers pressing my temples and those tense muscles at the nape of my neck. My hair, after the hair pack and a gentle rinse, looked and felt so nourished. Crazy little trips to Jaipur highway for tea at dawn.

Each of these memories looked bundled prettily in red, thorny litchy skin. Making the flesh plumper, the juice sweeter. My husband had just got the very best litchees I have had in a long, long, long time.

It’s summer now. And hot is not the only way to describe it.


anumita said...

Wow! So much fun in delhi!! And it takes a bombayite to bring out the charm of a delhi summer! The locals just crib about the heat :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nice blog. Especially your talk about food. Gets me all nostalgic about times well fed:)

Also a couple of other things:

a) you and I have the same template

b) your birthday falls on the same day as my best friend.

Good work. Keep it up. Just stop reading "Sex and the City"


the mad momma said...

Oh.... I love the way you describe my city... so kind for a mumbaikar... most just hate it!

Jay Sun said...

Cool ! Also try out the expressway to Greater Noida...did 160 on it one New Year morning... :)