Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One step in wisdom, one step from truth

Last few days have been emotionally very trying. It saddens and scares me at how I get unhinged about the slightest things. What saddens and scares me even more is when I feel the hurt of the people who have to bear the brunt of such extreme mood swings.

Many, many, many years ago, a clairvoyant uncle had seen my hand. And he’d told my parents that throughout life, I will always keep the people I love at a distance. This afternoon, I came across a letter he’d sent me. A one-line letter, whereas my brother had got a full-page one. Mine read: ‘Be careful of your mind because it doesn’t play tricks, it tells the truth.’

I was ten when I’d got it. I was ten when I’d kept it in my special red cardboard folder.

I tore it today.


chitra said...

You are not trusting your instincts?

Jay Sun said...

Mukta...All minds tells the truth...unlike others, you understand what your mind says...

Some may call it a gift...

burf said...

i think mind is the most powerful, just not tamed

Dadoji said...

I would replace the word "beware" with "don't run away".

Sanjay said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Don't put too much stock in what people have told you, ultimately almost nothing is achieved unless you stp to the plate to do it.
Don't overthink. :)

MellowDrama said...

Hey cheer up, you have you Pondi bookings in place, the bungalow by the beach looks awesome ( I saw it online - we are heading there after we get a review frm you) and well you aren't keeping a certain someone i know at a it is all definitely good. Happy Holidays..oops you are on holiday. Oka hurrah for 2007 anf the good stuff it bringz. I think you made a fresh start by tearing up the crummy letter. Honestly who cares what others think even if they claim to be clairvoyant..

n said...

oh hardly one step away from truth, mukta! one step away from a habit - persistance is a necessary not sufficient requirement for truth.

n said...

at least when we are talking in our human time frames.

Mukta said...

hi chitra,

dunno...i try to...

hi jay sun,

yep..thats right. all minds do tell the truth.

hi burf,

i suppose it takes time and discipline. but taming the mind is possible.

hey dadoji,
:-) yes. that does sound less ominious, for sure.

hi sanjay,
it was one of those days, you know. :-D

Hi rama,
truly, A pulled off the booking remarkably well. I was just informed again and again that there were no rooms. he he!

Hi N,
I am not so sure. Sometimes, habits can get to be the truth.