Monday, December 18, 2006

Dedicate a song to me, Sabrina

Dedicate a song to me Sabrina
The way the waves do when they leave the shore
Dedicate a song to me Sabrina
For now and for when I’m no more

The stars will wilt or harden
No-one can be sure of the sky
It can answer a million ‘How’s
But never a single ‘Why’

Of the waters I can ask of nothing
They flow with cruel scorn
They are laced with longing and dirge
And of crusty tears they’re adorned

And the winds will forget me in a whiff
The snuff will blow out and they’ll leave
Of what use is the friend that wafts by
Who doesn’t stay a moment to bereave

While I must not trust mortals
That’s what they always said
You are the one I count on
To dedicate a song for when I’m dead

When the music soars to the heavens
Let them not dismiss this with pity
That the song that was sung for my passing
Was the favor I asked of me


Anonymous said...

last day i was just googling for 'man ye bawra' from hazaro.... I just stumbled on a link which pointed to your blog. I read that full blog and was so impressed that i spent approx 3 hrs reading this.
i will conclude this by saying that you are awesome writer (which i guess is ur profession as well). Very impressive.

Sigma said...

Lovely Song !! keep it up !!

Mukta said...

Hi Rajeev,

Thanks a lot!

Hi Sigma,

:-D...I'm thinking of putting it to tune. he he!

Anonymous said...

There is a lovely poem by a famous Hindi poet called 'Dushyantkumar':
"Ho gayee hai peed(pain)parbat si,
pighalni chaahiye,
Iss Himalay se koi ganga nikalni chaahiye,

Mere seene main nahin to tere seene main sahi,
Kahin par ho aag, magar jalni chaahiye"

-For a long time, I couldn't really understand the context of the last couplet. Now, due to this case, I know.

Lovely poem, Mukta!Obviously heart-felt!