Friday, November 10, 2006

What can this mean?

Since the last two weeks, I’ve been seeing a camel in the living room at night. I get up for a drink of water or to scrounge for something in the kitchen, and when I step into the living room, I see a camel.

It sits between the divan and the T.V., facing me. It’s not chewing cud, like how I would imagine it to, but it just sits there peacefully….staring ahead like a sphinx.

I do know it is a hallucination, because how else will the camel come inside the flat? There are no spare keys or anything. But I thought a hallucination was rooted in subconscious desires or unfulfilled wishes. I don’t remember ever having any kind of thoughts associated with camels – subconscious or otherwise. And there have definitely been no unfulfilled wishes regarding the ships of the desert.

So, it is very strange.

The first night, I saw the camel, I was scared. It looked so real. I just went back to my bedroom and closed the door, burrowed under the blankets, and went off to sleep.

The next night, I sort of expected the camel to be there. I didn’t look directly at it though. Muttered holy names under my breath, ran to the kitchen, got some water and came back.

But then, I don’t know, I sort of see it on some nights and not on the others. Like last night, late, when I went to J’s room for a talk, I thought I’d see the camel. It wasn’t there.

This morning, at dawn, I had a feeling, I’d catch it. Around 4:30, I went to the living room. The room looked strangely blue, like a huge pot of ink had spilled all over it. I could smell ink. I don’t know if there was a camel or not. I thought there was. But I saw something glassy near the cabinet next to the T.V. It was a jar of ink with the label: Camel.

That really, really frightened me, so I hurriedly kept it on the table and beat a hasty retreat to my room. My room was purple now. I just shut my eyes and soon enough, was asleep.

This morning, I went to the living room and there was no ink jar. I knew I wouldn’t be able to find it.

I went back to my bed to catch a few more winks of sleep. When I got up, I saw a blotch of ink stain on the bed sheet.

The stain won’t go.


Sanjay said...

Well written. This didn't really happen did it?
If it did do you sleep walk? Some folks have conditions where they may not remember what they did while they were awake.
Don't freak out though. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have TIGER BALM in your aprt? fek de bahar.....:)

I am reaching on 25th night

donthecat said...

You were probably Pedro in your erstwhile birth and the Camel is getting back at you...That ccounts for the stain...maybe its not ink after all.

Or you are smoking some bad quality stuff...

Ameet said...

Lady Macbeth?


Mukta said...

Hi sanjay,

:-) (that's me smiling enigmatically!)

hello pravin,

great! And as for tiger balm, stop making stupid jokes...

I don't smoke...maybe that's the problemo?

hi Ameet,
he he!