Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's taking it's toll (again)

Close to midnight now. Z is hungry and eyes me enviously as I lick mayo from my fingers. Also, I do not hesitate intelling her that the chicken wrap I just finished was yummy.

Z looks sad.

'Why don't you get something to eat?', me being concerned, but not really.

'I won't get anything to eat now.' Z being smart. Seldom happens.

'Mc Donalds will be open.'

'Yeah'..she brightens up. 'They'll have their Happy Hours.'

'Happy Meals', I correct.

She shrugs and walks off.

Tsk! Tsk! and all that...but I'm lovin' it.


Sanjay said...

Don't tell me you are falling for that corny line? ;-)

Mukta said...

hee hee!

scott lakes said...

I wish you guys knew the sense of epiphenomenon I yield toward toward The Mother of Religion/India!! I wave my freak flag high; I don't live today, maybe tomorrow, I just can't say--as Jimmy (Hendrix)put it. Or rather it is all now as I immerse w/ the city-scape sounds policed in a reckoning of torpor, in my mind. I would love a comment. Leave of with definitions in philology of sanskrit--it would be great---Peace