Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cat Scare

Last night, I slept uneasy. My mind seemed to be regurgitating bad dreams. Full of this dread, I woke up at six in the morning to go to the gym. The lift in my building isn’t working, so I walked down.

From the last landing, I saw a pile of bricks. But I got this flash that I was looking at a heap of severed cat heads. But the heads didn’t look grotesque – they looked as if there were still alive, and the eyes were bright.

It freaked me out completely so I dashed down with my eyes shut. It’s a wonder I didn’t tumble down the stairs. But I ran out of the building, trying to get that image out of my head. Slowly, after I’d walked a few blocks I calmed down. The sharp cold breeze shaking unruly flowerbeds here and there, a couple of old men wearing mufflers and walking by, bird taking a strong twig for its nest - that sort of thing.

And next to an electric pole, I saw the stiff body of a cat…without a head.

If this is life’s way of telling me something, I wish it would shut up already.


Ambuj Saxena said...

(I am serious about this)

I think you need psychiatric help.

Sanjay said...

Just a coincidence is all I would say coupled with your active imagination.

Full of this dread, I woke up at six in the morning to go to the gym. The lift in my building isn’t working, so I walked down.

I know you walked down (cos of the elevator).Assuming you don't live more than 10 flights up and were on your way to the gym, isn't it a good warm up to take the stairs anyways? ;-)

Ameet said...

Hope the lambs are silenced soon. That's too many hallucinations in a short while ... or is this all creative fiction?

asuph said...

i hope this was creative piece. even as fiction, it's scary!


Mukta said...

:-) Look who all are back!

hey ambuj,

been a long, long time! how are you?

Hey Sanjay,

I don't believe in co-incidences. :-) Oh and the lift is working fine now.

Hey ameet,
Yep...I agree. But I think I'll start enjoying it after a while.

hey asuph,
scary kya? Wait until I make a movie out of it. :-)

Dadoji said...

That curiosity killed the cat?

Anonymous said...

maybe you need a cat scan? hehehehe

relax mukta, you'll be fine

-2nd mistake

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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suparna said...

hi Mukta

read a line by some literary critic called Katherine Raine recently - thot i'd share it :

"The unconscious is innocent of words, but it formulates its desires, and fears, its primordial but profound statements of living experience, in those symbolic forms that haunt our drems"

hmmmmmm - not as startlingly revealatory i guess, as well put :)

Mukta said...

hey dadoji!

good one! he he he!

hello second mistake,


hi monu,

yep pravin,

will email you.

Hi Suparna,

yes...very well put. shall google it up soon. :-) Thanks!