Friday, October 06, 2006

Witty, by chance

I was out with a friend last night, who does not believe in having unexpressed opinions. So, de rigeur, I disagree with him because he talks lesser that way. He’s one of those gentlemen who regales in preaching to the converted.

In any case, sometimes in throes of exuberant verbosity, he tends to muddle up words. Last night, he did the same with the result that what he said was funny, but true. Made me twitter.

He was telling me about how corrupt Customs officials are in India. (Because, you see, I have been living under a shiny rock in the Ganges all this while and do not know this.) And not only are they corrupt, they go to the extent of taking bribes. (I didn’t have the heart to break it to my friend that corrupt officials not taking bribes would be quite a let-down.) Corrupt officials are also unfair and pick on innocent-looking dopes.

So, two of his friends were coming from somewhere with bottles of liquor. One looked crafty, the other looked stupid. The customs officials caught the slow-looking bloke.

My friend’s final summation: ‘That’s what I mean. Two people carry liquor, but the custom guys catch only one..the other goes ‘SCOTCH’ free!’

*A moment now to make a smiley.* :-D


Sharique said...

ah, what have you done with the theme? Its was always Chiffonesque---> blue and now i need to change that perspectives :)

Phoenix said...

shit, they are even inefficient with being corrupt!

neha said...

hey m! like the new look.

you said it phoenix :)

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Mukta said...

Hi Sharique!

I really want to design a pretty, new template but I can't. Am pretty useless that way, so I take what I can find.

By the way, there was a time when my blog was pink...but when it began, it was black! I loved it then. :-) But only I did. hee hee!

Hi Phoenix, Hi neha,


Sharique said...

Really? See my blog. If you like the template do tell me as i have the blogspot version of it :)

Dadoji said...

That makes me feel a bit happy as they never bother with me.

Hemant said...

funny :)

Anonymous said...

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anumita said...

Hey... how are you?