Monday, October 16, 2006

Recommendations from Bombay

I visited the V.T. area after a very, very long time. And with the spirit of the first-time discoverer of exquisite food, here’s what I liked.

A) Sher-e-Punjab, near V.T. : Pudhina tandoori prawns.

Twelve bites of culinary jewels. Sweet, tender, fresh prawns, marinated in pudhina and roasted on tandoor PER-FECT-LY. What is fabulous is the hint of tangy crust of slightly charred mint and the way the tongue-tickling sweetness of the prawns unfurls – slowly, steadily, completely…and twelve whole times. At 300 bucks a plate, it’s steep but very worth it.

B) Liberty Chaat place: The Dahi-Batata-Puri.

Given my humble preferences, this is my very favorite food and ultimate barometer of whether I love a place until death or barely acknowledge it until pyre-time arrives. And while Dahi Batata Puri in Mumbai outshines, in all curdy glory, whatever you get in Pune (where Dahi Batata Puri is not taken off the menu even if hawkers are out of dahi and out of batata), the Liberty Chat offering takes this dish to fast-food heaven. The dahi is creamy and sweet and positively swathes all the puris on the plate, the puris are big and uniformly punctured such that the curd isn’t oozing out of the sides, the potatoes are spicy and flavored, and the sev that tops the dish is fine, crunchy, yet melts in the mouth. A few grains of pomegranates are thrown in for that pretty garnet-studded look that makes you go mmm. (I remove that fruity affectation before I dig in, though.) And the result can be perfectly summed up as Yum-Yum.

If anyone tries either of these after reading the post…you’re welcome.


Anonymous said...

are yaar.....Kobe's ka sizzlers, road side Pav Bhaji, Limboo sharbat, kala Khatta, Pani puri, Ragda Pattice, Dhaba ka Tandoori chicken, Delhi darbar's Chicken Biryani, Mady's ka Grilled sandwich, Konkan Thali ka Prawns malvani, Goa Portugese ka Mutton ....sweetie list is just endless....
I am coming in Nov - end.....I am gonna eat all this.... yummiesssss....missing food so much...:(

Nashua, NH

Sai said...

I spent 5 years studying at JJ and five years working in South Bombay. I cannot place Sher-e-Punjab and Liberty Chaat. Next time I go to India, I will check them out. Are these new places or can you give me their location? I remember the following places from my JJ years:

Vithal's Bhel

Kamat's dosa
The above two were near Tata palace which is now Deutsche Bank.

Biryas (for the yummy pizzas, opposite the JJ fine arts building. I think the road bifurcates)

There was a juice-walla, falooda walla, cannot remember its name, near the Police Headquarters and towards Abdul Rehman Rd.

Samovar Cafe at Jehangir Art gallery.

Bade Miyan and Delhi Darbar in Colaba.

Kobe's sizzlers at Opera House.

Sukh sagar near Girgaum Chowpatty for its pav bhaji. There was a mean kulfi walla next to it....

Sorry for such long comments.....but I started reminiscing the good old days! Oh by the way....lovely post!

Mukta said...

Hi Pravin,

Oh please! Kobe's sizzler is horrible! Especially that one at Saki Naka..The town one was the best. hee hee! You always miss food. When you'll be eating all these goodies in Bombay, you'll miss all the stuff there. Youa re crazy.

Hey Sai!

Sher-E-Pinjab and Liberty chat are really, really old places. Liberty Chat is near Liberty cinema and Sher-E-Punjab is in a lane near V.T. I'll get more details and put them up later. I can't recollect the exact details.

And what a coincidence? I studied in town and worked in South Bombay as well. You remember that dosa walla outside Xavier's? He made the best cheese dosa ever! Yep..and like I told Pravin, the Kobes in town is far better than any of the other outlets.

Sai said...

Oh btw after I posted my message I remembered where both these places are located. Oops I am getting old! I have been to Liberty Chaat many times. I remember the pomegranate garnish! I also remember where Sher-e-Punjab is located.....never ate there though.

Oh I was talking about Kobes in town. I haven't been to the one in Saki Naka. Saki Naka has or had this amazing Chinese restaurant called Mainland China (I think). They had excellent Indo-Chinese. I used to love their rice pearls....which was chicken or prawn filled in rice balls....Yumm.

Our respective institutions literally shared a back wall! Well almost. Malhaar was so much fun.

Yes I remember the dosa walla. I used to love "Khau galli" towards churchgate. Yumm Good times!

I came across your blog recently. Yesterday I read your post about your pompous ex-JNU prof. Hilarious!

Dadoji said...

@sai: That falooda place near Police HQ is Badshah Cold Drink Depot.

Add Salli Boti at Bombay A-1 (Grant Road) to that list. Also, Dabba Gosht at Delhi Darbar. Ok, I really need to stop drooling now.