Tuesday, September 05, 2006

From in and around my room

Asks a moth to the flame
'What is in a name?'
The flame knows no better,
It answers 'Four letters.'

The roach on the floor
Through a slightly open door
Perambulates in daze,
'Insatiable' - Darren Hayes

The lizard behind the table
Unfortunately, sits
Waiting for me
To make a rhyme about it

But as much as I try,
I realize it's a rumor,
That I'm a poetess of mopes.
Really, my runes need some humor.


Harjee Kapur said...

tere kamre mein kaafi action hai...
though lizards just freak me out. cant imagine them in MY room....

neha said...

Could I please request a translation (to english)?


(since you visit delhi, i presume you know hindi)

appreciated if you do (translate), it is definitely fine if you'd rather not.

neha said...

that was

Mukta said...

hi Harjeet..yes..interesting room, I have

hey neha, my Hindi isn't very good but I could translate the song competently. Where do I mail you the translation though? Write me and I'll do that. :-) Thanks