Wednesday, July 12, 2006


My family is safe. My friends are safe. My city isn't. It never was. It was lucky before, but not safe. So, one ordinary day a city, after being distracted by rain and defacing incidents, went about its business and was tattered. Simple. That is that.

And now, in my mind, there is no debate of whether there should be capital punishment or not. Whoever did this - WHOEVER - should die. Simple. That is that.


Anonymous said...

at my place all are fine too......

take care

Mukta said...

Hey anon,

glad to hear that. you take care too.

karmic_jay said...

Glad to hear your folks are ok too. Later..

Ameet said...

Glad to hear your family/friends are ok.

In 1993, I was really upset at what was transpiring, but felt powerless to change it. In 2001, I was extremely pissed that they destroyed my cherished symbols of freedom & achievement. I was ready to lay down my life to wipe out this scourge. Then I watched the great American military-industrial complex ruin a unique opportunity to unite the world against terrorism.

Now I'm just jaded. Is that wrong?

Dadoji said...

Mukta: Our city also continues to defy every incident meant to shake her roots. Yes, they should all die - die like the pigs they are. Capital punishment is not quite the instrument - the real instrument goes against human rights slogans.

Mukta said...

hey karmic,


hi ameet,

You know what? I don't know. Jaded means what? You aren't bothered - I don't think that is possible, or you are tired of not being able to do anything or enough? It is so easy for me to talk. And well...I am waiting for one of my ex-colleagues to call back. It's been three days now and I haven't heard from her. I mean...this tension...I can't be jaded. And I'm pretty sure, neither are you.

Hi Dadoji,

You know sometimes I think that we take the city's resilience to be an excuse to be careless about it.

White Magpie said...

Ekdum sahi. Goli maro.

V N said...

i guess it cant get any more emphatic than this.

evocative post!

Blue Athena said...

Agree with the punishment. CAPITAL it should be. No empathy for those who do not respect life.

Dadoji said...

Mukta: You are not totally wrong. Resilience is used as an excuse by the politicians to shrug off their responsibility.

Having said that, if the city stops being resilient the price to pay will be hell and irreversible. So, while I laud the resilience (I am a part of it, after all) I will also demand action on several other fronts. I repeat, the terrorists dying is not the answer, the answer lies in doing such things to them that will deny them the pleasure they seek.

For example, if an islamist seeks jannat and 72 houris then cremate him - no burial business. Smear his body with pig blood for special effect. Do this everytime a Puki terrorist is killed and see what the results are. Like I said, this goes against Human Rights business but will provide a great edge to us.

Khushi said...

wish our system was daring enough to do something about the terrorists!!!

Warble said...

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Spread the word. Shaft the idiots.

Blythe Spyryt said...

I read this blog abt the mind of the terrorist and its the same time i know we must do something abt this and yet i have no clue abt what we can do to protect our city and our world from terrorism...on another note, im gonna be visiting pune sometime next month. Needed 2 know if the Osho garden can be visited early Sunday morning :) do lemme know abt the places i shud visit there.

Mukta said...

hey blythe,

yes. osho garden - sunday morning visit is nice. Khadakvasla is a nice place too. There is an Aga Khan palace around Bund garden - I am not sure where. Have heard about it. You could do that. Umm...FTII campus is neat! Try and catch a movie there if you can. There's a National Fiml Archive around that place (I'm told), where they show interesting foreign flicks in the evenings. What esle - eating places - Mad House Grill - must, Burger King - ABSOLUTELY! (I have only tried the non-veg burgers tho.)

Abhishek said...

good to here that u n dear one @ ur side r fine.
death is the only for the culprits

swati said...

I judge
Then I budge
It really isn’t
That I lack the grudge
But what all I feel is sludge
Spread all around like words
Rhymed beautifully
Said glibly
And then
Wonderfully forgotten
If it isn’t
Why is that we
I meant WE
It’s not me or you
Collective as I say
Have been witnessing it
Passing by
Letting the bygones be bygones
And the present be something to be forgotten
And future to be unpredictable
Waiting all the time
For something so heinous like this
To terrorise.

It hurts to loose but why it has to be someone so close
To feel the pain
Why it has to be someone so close
To puff up the rage
To burst
To blast
We are not we
I wonder
We are just the written records in the files
Who’re just bound to be forgotten
Or the words of sympathy
Not ever heard and felt by the speaker
Its not the word that heals
Not even the thought of it
Actions we can’t take
So lets forget it for god’s sake.
We’d curse the god
Spit the shark
But lately forget the mark
That hit
Surely. Without a miss.
I wonder if it really is about just punishing the few and I really wonder how are we going to recognize them when they really aren’t just few. Is it really about the blood shed like this or just about blood shed. The story is not good and definitely depressing but I think, it now really needs to be pondered. If this is not the high time there would never be.