Friday, March 31, 2006

In time...

It’s hot and dusty on the terrace. Unpainted buildings in the distance look paper thin in the afternoon blaze. The leaves rustle only because they want to hide under each other to escape the heat.

Eyes squint looking around for empty chairs. Limbs with dry, parched skin move around, getting salt, passing spoons, serving curd. Skin around the lips purse and crease. And in that crease settle layers of gritty, ground pebbled dust.

When you speak, your throat hurts and feels raspy because it’s so dry. Your nose burns because the nostrils get allergy-ticklish with coarse earth-power.

Only a few days until, in all this, I can feast on a wet, cool, juicy, plump mango. And when I am finished with one, I’ll take another with sweet pulp on my fingers.

Desires at lunch time. So brazen.


Hyde said...

How about a watermelon?

Ameet said...

A watermelon doesn't even come close to the sensuous delights of a fresh Alphonso mango. It's been 8 summers since I've enjoyed one.

Here's an excellent article that captures the magic - from a North American perspective.

The Fruits of Diplomacy>

chandni said...

Hi Mukta..

First time on your blog....really enjoyed it!!!

Will be back!

Mohan said...

Hi Mukta,
Voici une mangue que vous allez adorer :
Bon appétit !

oglidonkee said...

Oye.. me in Good ol Mumbai?
Lemme know if you gonna drop into mumbai !

Get in tuch

Blythe Spyryt said...

U wont blieve on a mango-less diet :(( boo hoo!