Monday, February 20, 2006

Sometimes we bid it adieu thus

Tonight, J and I tried out Athena and Merlot in Koregaon Park.

Because a harried Sunday needs to end with something slightly despondent and intrinsically beautiful – like a tear, perhaps, or a last embrace on the beach. Sometimes a day’s epitaph must be written in elegiac form, in ink, in a foreign language, in entirety. Sometimes, you must end a day seated under an open sky, among dancing flames of candles and lanterns, amidst perfectly curled leaves floating on glassy water on granite. Sometimes, you must end a Sunday gingerly twirling the fragile stem of a glass. Sometimes, you must end a Sunday dipping skewers of fruits in a pot of melted chocolate and then giggling over drops that fall on your gleaming white plate. Sometimes, you must end a Sunday opening your heart carving ham glazed in orange sauce. Sometimes you must end a week in an impulse dipping the meat in chocolate and squealing with surprised ecstasy the taste brings.

Sometimes that’s how you end a Sunday – with a fine pour of wine and some chocolate over swine.


karmic_jay said...

Damn! You made me hungry again :-) although I had lunch an hour or so ago.
It's friggin cold (-3 deg cent) in this part of the world..deceptively sunny with lovely blue skies.
PS:You do write well!

~Sen~ said...

Heyyy!!!!! I got the songs finally from a site !!
Sent the mp3 files to you as attachment to mails.... check'em out !!

chitra said...

How true... !!

Khakra said...

The parable of a week in the corporate world? A Monday off would certainly help to cover the delectible choc-o-swine.

oglidonkee said...

watch that waistline sweety ;-)
but i was reading some of the earlier blogs and have to mention kudos to auntie!
Oh yes and i think you should meet that Mr Sen !


Mukta said...

Hey karmic,

I'm hungry now. What did you eat?

PS - Thanks . Most hungry people tell me that. On a full stomach, its a different story.

Hi Resourceful sen,

How are you? I shall definitely check you out. More importantly, did YOU check them out, child? Let me know!

Hi Chitra,

hmm...hmm. :-D

Hey khakra,
Monday off...yes, true. By the way, I like the term 'choc-o-swine'. Interesting perfume, I think it would be.

Hi OD,

YOu are such a pest! How else have you been?

karmic_jay said...

Hey karmic,
I'm hungry now. What did you eat?

Mukta, On those Sundays that we don't feel like cooking, we will just toast some multigrained bread, heat some jalapeno chicken sausages from Trader Joe's (a different kind of grocery store..they have some excellent Indian and other ethnic stuff). We coupled this with some hot Tamale sauce, and eggs (done easy) in ramakins (in a wter bath). Some fresh ground pepper on top and voila.. you have a hearty lunch/brunch. Ideal esp on a cold wintery blustery day.
PS: You have a fan on your blog in moi :-)

Ameet said...

"giggling over drops that fall on your gleaming white plate"

Chiffonesque indeeed. Haven't seen fondue described so well - ever. Another great post!