Tuesday, November 29, 2005


If you stretched the imagination long enough, this would be a poem.

I wish I could show you the sky right now
It's specked with clouds like a jersey cow
I saw it through the slats in the busy loo
And I thought of calling someone, but who
Could I show a moo sky from here
It would be different if you were near..
And while I thought and looked and wondered and blinked
The cow had gone home - it had been milked.


Rabin said...

(If you shrink your imagination short enough, this MIGHT pass off as a poem, you gotta be incredibly drunk though)

Ooo said the cow,
catching it's brow,
A litre here & a pint there,
I've been milked so much my tail won't wag,
Though all I am is a bull dressed in drag

Mukta said...

hey r,

you taurean? that's a poem a taurean would write!

Khakra said...

title -- "The Milky Way"?

Mukta said...

Hey Khakra,

Yes - the milky way..very profound. (she bows in manner of extras in the Star Trek studio)


hirnakshi said...

WHat's with the loo?

Its a cute poem... :p