Monday, August 22, 2005

To the movies, to the movies...

Last weekend, after a really long time, I went to the movies. And what can I say, it was a Rip Van Winkle experience.

For starters, there clearly are no other colors in the world except for purple and yellow. So, whether it’s DNA (newspaper), FAME ADLABS (cinema halls, Cadbury (chocolate), Purplex (club), Jolly Jimbos (playschool) – everything is purple and yellow. And the exact same shade. Like, those fruit mocktails that you get in all Shiv Sagar outlets. They all look and taste the same. If you were blindfolded and given a sip of the mocktail, you wouldn’t know which Shiv Sagar it’s from. Similarly, if you were jolted out of your sleep and something in purple and yellow were flashed before you, you’d be flummoxed. You wouldn’t know if you’re looking at a DNA hoarding, or had to pick up your child from the school, or had to bribe the bouncer at the club, or what.

Purple and yellow. The new dilemma since black and white.

Also, going for the movies is now, officially a scheduled budget experience. It’s not a take-where-my-whim-takes-me paltry indulgence at all. Each ticket is priced to pay for the wardrobe of the character artist who sits weeping in the corner of a funeral scene. Movie tickets are three digits now. 180 bux! 180. That’s…well, I can’t compare it with anything now, but 180! Appreciate the interjection.

And when exactly did popcorn become such a niche product? 40 bucks for plain and salted. (The ones that get burnt and smoky are snobbishly labeled ‘Caramel’.) I mean, it’s still hot air and kernels, isn’t it? I think I’ll just go with my lawyer friends and have a bag of kernels ready whenever they start talking. That should take care of munchies henceforth.

And the 30 bucks for coffe that's dispensed from machines with 'Georgia' written all over them. What exactly am I paying for? The trip the coffee bean has made across the world?

Oh yes…the movies.

Saw ‘My Wife’s Murder’…watch it for the husband.

Saw ‘Barsaat’..Bobby Deol looking confident, Priyanka Chopra looking confused, Bipasha Basu looking coy, and all of them looking wet – you do the math.


Rabin said...

Movie theatres suck! I quit them when they banned smoking, coz for me a good part of the movie was dedicated to walking out during songs and boring scenes and grabbing a smoke. Despite being a non-smoker nowm, i just don't do theatres so well.

Purple and yellow??? OUCH!

Ash said...

Lol @ lawyers !

Mukta said...

Hi R,

Movies aren't that bad. But yeah - purple and yellow is indeedy ouch!

Hey ash! too LOL at lawyers!