Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Still...and then begin

I have a ceramic mug. It’s moss green with dark brown lines smudged on it so that it looks like the bark of a tree. I don’t usually use it but today I decided to. Mood. I got some hot water and went to the break room for a tea bag. And I don’t think I’ll ever live to say this again – the break room was empty.

There were no people and there was no noise. The bean bags lay squished in one corner. It was too delicious a moment to pass up. I have this gift of instant disregard that I used now to ignore my busy day ahead. I sat on one of the bean bags, clasping my warm cup of tea like a precious pearl and looked out the window.

The sights were nothing spectacular, just as unheard symphonies are. There was a huge froth of cloud that had a hole in the center – as if a straw had been dipped into it and then removed. An eagle flew in perfect poise within this spot, an unknown picture in a celestial frame. The steam from my cup whimsically made spidery webs before it trailed away somewhere. It was so calm, it was so still.

The mind did not think, the heart did not feel, the body did not move, the conscience did not twinge….nothing happened. There was just so much peace, in the unexpected ordinariness of an empty break room. I remembered this line from a movie, ‘Rog’ – it felt as if you’ve put your head on the chest of the Universe and heard its heartbeat.

Thus, I began my day.


Kahini said...

What a lovely way to begin a day. It would be a lovely way to end it too.

Nagesh Pai said...

Was it a sunday?? or maybe you reached office early.. He he kidding... but i enjoy similar moments at my office most of the days when i reach early.

Thanks for logging in to my blog and leaving your comment, Mukta!