Friday, July 15, 2005

Simply - words that rhymed

That place that is dark
and filled with light
That snow that is wet
and red with fright

The bag that is slashed
The gut that has burst
The middle that was last
The second that was first

The burn that is angry
The wound that is dried
The music that is deaf
The corpse that has cried

The glass that is burnt
The spill that is spread
The cloth that is jagged
The joy that is dread

The place that is light
The level that is steep
The cave that is bloody
The eyes with no sleep.

My tenth day without slumber.


Nagesh Pai said...

Is Raat ki subah jaane kab hogi !

Ummeedon ke aasman par udta hua neend ka panchi, raat ko nahin to din ko zaroor tumhare nainon main basera basayega.

So beware, dont get caught sleeping in office during daytime!!
and count sheep at night, it works!!

the results of your insomnia are magnificent though! (another backhander hehe)


Mukta said...

hee hee! funny! humor keeps me awake though - so THANKS A LOT! :-D

Rabin said...

umm since I have the same problem, i'm thinking of attending a class or two in school again....those days I could sleep anywhere! any class! sigh

Mukta said...

hi r.

don't count on it. :-D