Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hey now! Hey now! Put your hands up in the air now!

Was at a club last nite. There was a glass partition that separated the dance floor from the lounge area. Sat nursing a drink and a wistful longing for sleep in the sitters section (not baby sitters, by the way, though it may be a good idea considering how young the patrons are getting nowadays - just the area where people sit and shrug their shoulders rhythymically and tap their feet.) My pals had travelled to the other side of the Looking Glass to shake a leg (there were four legs in all actually, although given the space crunch, i guess only two got shaken.)

I saw a group of really young kids dancing to the song 'Baby Come Back.' Girls in sparkly strappy tops and guys in glossy Tuscan Verve shirts jumping up and down happily. Just that - jumping up and down, laughing uproariously, and singing aloud. You can't help but grin. Such fun! Such youth! That age when dance isn't about rhythm or grace or movement or style or 'knowing the steps'. It's solely and wholly about the energy - to jump up and down and sing along loudly ~ Come back....Baby, come back!~.

In the slightly twisted words of Lee Wormack -

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance I hope you dance..... like that.



:-)....aah the carlessness and joi d' vivre of youth...incidentally Chiffonesque is a nice name for a blog ....

Kahini said...

Yam no child, but I can still jump up and down to Baby Come Back.

Rabin said...

I spent friday night with two groups of friends at the same nightclub. Jumping from one table to another, dancing with one group and before I could rest a bit, being dragged to the dance floor with the other.

I felt old....soooo old. All i wanted to do was get a blast of loud silence after midnight..and I ended up taking a moonlit walk, aware that the summer of '69 ('99 in my case) was well and truly over.

Pixel8 said...

even though i belong to the same age group as those "really young kids" but feel really old and miss the days when i actually used to be a young kid! :-/

jaygee said...

Actually you don't realise how ahead u have gotten in the age game until you come face to face with what you think you are and realise you are not and oh-so far away from that.. welcome to the club i say!

Mukta said...

Hi Greatbong (cursty and all), thanks.

Kahini - good for you! we shud go dancing some nite?

R - Why feel old? Summer of '99 is fairly recent. I tell you, its the insomnia talking. You'll be getting jiggy with it as soon as you get your snoozes.

Pixel8 - Youth is wasted on the young pal! But well, u dont need to be young to just jump and shout - just fit!

Jaygee - ever the fountain of wisdom! hee hee!