Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Drop me a line

Since everything around me is currently behaving like a wet, temparemental cat, I am stewing in righteous indignation. I cannot edit my profile to my satisfaction. Anyway, what can be done using a mere 'field', I shall do by putting forth a 'post.'

Self-righteous indignation doth brings forth self-aggrandisement.

My email address (that did not get included in my profile) is: raut_mukta@hotmail.com

And on the subject of contrariness, watch Viruddh. Watch Amitabh and oh so definitely watch Sharmila Tagore.

Sunjay Dutt you definitely won't miss but pay close attention in any case.

Welcome, Mahesh Manjrekar - I most definitely have missed you since Astitva.

And yes, if you like the movie, or are indifferent to it, use the email in this post. Actually, the comments section does just fine... and I'll stop with the temperamental feline mewing right now.


jaygee said...

Hmmmm how does one get in touch when u dont reply to smses? (I, of course, speak on behalf of someone else)

Hope all is well.. drop a line.. thru all the mediums we know each other. And yes will try and watch Viruddh before I go.

Rabin said...

Hows that insomnia doing?

Mukta said...

Hi jaygee,

Met cuz last nite. He told me abt your meeting. I seriously havent got an sms from anyone. Anyway, will get in touch with you soon!

Hi R!

How are you? Insomnia's getting better. Can manage a few hours of sleep here and there. How are things with you?

jaygee said...

Sent you an sms.. rt this moment! but rains playing truant. hope u are somewhere dry and safe.

anumita said...

Mochta, meet for lunch on Thursday! J's farewell types. Couldn't rely on reliance to deliver messages or calls to you! :)
We all want you to be there. The new china something place. 12.30 come here or be there.

Hemant said...

Have you tried in
"Edit profile" --> Privacy --> Show my email address?
It should work~

Rabin said...

Everything is super. It's great to be awake almost 24 hours in a day :)

Glad you get some sleep, tell me did Viruddh help? :-P

Yours Truly...Conman said...

Well, I really wanna watch Virrudh. Qatar is a bad place for movies man. I mean, they get released after ages, and they're off before you blink.
Anyway... I've heard good stuff about Amitabh in this movie. This man just keeps getting better and better. He's simply God.

And err --- Astitva --- Mahesh Manjrekar? What you talking about?

Mukta said...


Anumita! Glad I saw u here - I've been trying to get in touch with you and Ch like crazee! And thank hey Janaki, I'll give you a call soon. Will be getting my phone back in operating mode soon.

Hi R,

Actually Viruddh is a really good film - so no, that didn't put me to sleep. But I would recommend Constantine - that'll work for sure! Lemme know how it goes!

Hi Hemant,
Nahi yaar - that didn't work. Thanks for the tip though.

Hi Conman,

Astitva was the last film that Mahesh Manjrekar made that I really weally liked. Post that he took up acting or made these films that were, um - u know, good conceptually, but the movie tended to go astray. There was Pita with Sunjay Dutt (he's the reason i watch ANY movie) and Nandita Das. Then there was one with Ajay Devgan and Sonali Bendre. It was a nice film but too long. Now, with Virudh, MM is BACK! Btw, have you seen Vaastav? Really good flick - (again Sunjay Dutt.)

Sameer said...

Saw Viruddh on Wednesday night when Mumbai was fighting with rains,drains & brains (lack of it on part of Govt. officials).I was at a friend's place in Charni Road where life was near-normal.Must say Amitabh has done a great job, but then you expect nothing but the best from him.Watch out for the scene when after his son's death he tries to participate in a laughter club session in the park and ends up in tears.MM has done a great job,though the product placements suck and the end is a bit too filmy!!!

Hemant said...

If it doesn't work, you can try there support either, it is not bad ... I tried when it was still with pyra labs and did got response.

Mukta said...

Hey Sameer,

Glad you liked Viruddh.

And Hemant, thanks. will do that when my net connexion improves a bit.