Saturday, July 23, 2005

C'est moi

Lesson learnt in convent school: You are one of many. That's why the uniform.

Lesson learnt in avant-garde college: You are unique....just like everyone else.

I have since then, tried to unlearn these lessons. I have since then tried to believe that I am indeed distinctive. But since then I've discovered a macabre truth - I'm worse than a non-distinct entity...I am a predictable one.

I love trying new restaurants and going for 'different' films and plays, and keep recommending them to all and sundry ('all' being friends who don't listen to me anymore; 'sundry' being friends who will soon be part of the first group). But I think I stopped doing the new wine and dine section since I visited this coffee place called 'Mocha'.

Mocha has a Moroccan theme with huge uncomfortable chairs and heavy tables and red drapes and dim-lights and cheesy foods and creamy, chocolatey desserts, and I don't like chocolates or cream or cheese and the only kind of coffee I like is hot. Not really a connoisseur there. But I love Mocha.

I have been there for breakfast when it didn't have a separate breakfast menu. I have had paninis at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. I have been there until late at night and have seen them dismantling the bar. I have been there so often that some people suspect I come with the furniture. I have been there so often that the 'all and sundry' call me 'Mochta'.

Anyway, I didn't realize the extent of the damage until this happened to me:

Last year, a friend from Berkeley was here conducting research. We met for the first time at this excellent joint called Lemon Grass. We had some dinner there and then for dessert, I took her to Mocha, Bandra.

A couple of months later, one of her professors was in town who she wanted me to meet. I was meeting them right after work, and they were close to the beach, so I recommended that we meet up at Mocha, Juhu.

Before she left Mumbai for Berkeley, she was with her cousin bro at Lower Parel. She wanted to introduce him to me. I told her to catch a train and meet me at Mocha, Churchgate.

At work, we get fed we go to the Mocha, Powai.

When at work we get fed up of Mocha,Powai, we venture to Mocha, Mulund.

And this affliction doesn't stay within city limits either.

I stayed in Delhi for one day only..and I was taken to the Mocha there (which by the way had a very sad, skinny Santa.)

Anyway, this Berkeley pal's classmate is in Mumbai and she gave me a call to see if we could meet up.

She: Hi Mukta. If you're free tonite, let's meet.

Me: Sure! What do you want to do?

She: Can we meet post dinner? Around 9:00?

Me: Sure...I'm in Bandra. Where are u staying?

She: Bandra.

Me: Great! Gimme your address. I'll come over and then we can do something?

She: Wonderful! Will we be going to Mocha?

Me: You know about Mocha?

She: Well, it is kinda popular in our circle at Berkeley. Shilpa told me that you may want to take me there.

Me: oh.

So there you have it. If you visit a Mocha and see a dusty looking Miss Haversham having a coffee, come up and say hullo.


Pixel8 said...

oh! oh! i know wot you're talking abt. i had hurd a lot abt it so decided to check it out when i went to india. i loved it!!! :D (even though the food made my tummy very upset :-/)

my frnd and i even got our pics clicked in those red caps :D

anumita said...

Mocha, the coffee and conversations place is hereby held responsible for the sleeplessness Mochta, the writer has been going through. To compensate, Mocha, the c & c place has decided to grant Mochta, the writer, b & b free. Bed and breakfast, honey!

Heh Heh said...

The one near Churchgate used to be rather cramped.. a few months before i left, the one on Hill Road opened. i used to be somewhat of a fixture there, myself. tanking on mug upon mug of Jamaican Blue Mountain (a most excellent coffee).

Nagesh Pai said...

I have had similar experience with pizza hut, but the result here wasnt insomnia but a mounting extra tyre round the belly hehehe.

Again - author said...


Arjun said...

Newbie here. Sauntered in and took a peek. You write beautifully...

d-Snob said...

duh...this post ain't good as compared to your other posts. But hey, this is actually a good marketing strategy - using blogs as a medium to market brands / goods / for thought, eh?

Mukta said...

Hi Pixel,

I'm sorry to hear about your tummy. They have a rather nice Moroccan mint tea to offset the heavy food. I'm glad you liked the place though. :-D

Hullo Anumita,

I shall of course believe you and go and make a fool of myself at the c&c place. :-D

Hi fin,

The Churchgate place continues to be cramped.

Hi Nagesh,

Hee hee! I know what you mean abt the PH. I used to go there and order that pasta every single time!

Hey there! Arjun!

Thanks and do drop by again!

Hi D-snob!

*Sigh* I may as well be gracious and say thank you for the feedback. hee hee!

jaygee said...

They should be paying u for this eh?

Khakra said...

I lost a girlfriend at Mocha, I fell and broke a leg at Mocha. My head went cuckoo after doing vanilla hooka in the deck. Soon, my wife will deliver a baby inside mocha, which we will name, guess -- Yirgacheffe (nice unisex name). Atleast for now, I have mocha everyday. Life's good, but what is it with coffee shops and people?

Mukta said...

Hi Jay,

Hmm - i'll settle for faster service and free food. :-)

Hi Khakra,

You raise an interesting question and some sociologist somewhere is furiously gathering info. to address the query. (I jest now but it may very truly be the case.)

And congratulations on becoming a father. By the way, do you have your heart set on that name? :-) I urge you to reconsider.

Khakra said...

oh the baby was just a joke to complement the girlfriend quote. a mocha dhoka.

Mr. India said...